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Would welcome your thoughts on this new blog landing page

Apologies, nothing fishing related today, but from time to time I have a look around my website and think how I might try and improve the user experience as such. If you come onto my website via the domain name and then click on “Blog” at the top, you will have seen the new landing page before you then clicked on the post title and came through to here - which is of course how the blog on this website has always looked…………

It’s just me messing around and if I live with it for a while and don’t end up liking it then I can easily change back to how it was, but I wanted to try and make the actual blog landing page a bit more visual and snappy whilst also helping you kind people to more easily find recent content that you might not have seen. I asked around on Facebook yesterday and the feedback was generally positive towards this new landing page look, and a few people also suggested that for this new page that I get rid of that image at the top that has “The blog” written on it.

Note that there is a “Search” box at the top of this new blog landing page, and it’s linked directly to the blog and not the whole website - type in say “Skyroad” and you will be given a list of blog posts that have that word in there, or you can hit “Enter” after typing in the search word and you will get a load of results as well.

This blog has been going for years now and there’s obviously a load of content that some of you may never have seen and might indeed want to - on this page where you are now, have a look over on the right hand side and you will find a little box that says “Blog archive”. Click on it and a drop down menu will appear that gives you the option of clicking on a particular month from a particular year. You can also look further down the right hand side and find “Blog Categories” - when I put a blog post up I try my best to assign a few categories to it, so if you click on a category here it will show the relevant blog posts.

Anyway, if you are so inclined then I would welcome your thoughts on this new blog landing page. Please leave a comment below or message me via Facebook, email etc. Change can of course be a good thing, and I’d be interested to know what people think. Thank you.

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