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Would you consider paying (not very much) for more blog-style content?

First off, nothing is changing here, not for the moment anyway, and perhaps not at all - but I would really appreciate you reading this post and then giving me some honest and considered feedback and opinions. Comment in the comments section below, email me (here) or reply on Facebook, and my thanks in advance. Please do not shoot me down in flames until you have read and thought about what I am saying here........

If you read this blog, and for whatever reasons a number of people do, then you might or might not realise that I don't earn a single cent from it. I never started this blog to make money, and to be perfectly honest I feel uncomfortable with just the idea of potentially making any money from it anyway. I can't make you believe me, but the sole reason I write this blog is because I love doing it, plus I literally need to do it, as in there is so much stuff going on in my head that if I don't let some of it out on this blog I fear I would be waking up earlier every morning than I already do. I am entirely comfortable with there being lots of far better anglers than me out there, but I am the obsessed angler who loves writing about fishing (and especially here on this blog), I love taking photographs, and I love how this blog has grown into something that seems to speak to a lot of people.


Went looking for clear water the other day and couldn't find any - but I found these, shot from the top of Whitsand Bay

I don't plan the blog out and I simply write about what I want to write about. Unless I am out say in Ireland on a fishing/photography trip and end up writing about the actual fishing, for the most part I just think about stuff and then come up with ideas for blog posts (and I think a lot about fishing!!). I also love messing around with fishing tackle, and of course thanks to friends and contacts within the trade I can often get to use stuff and then blog about it - simply because I want to. This blog is me and what I want to talk about, save for a very rare guest blog post or something like that. Now it may seem obvious, but I actually spend a certain amount of time doing this blog - it may well often be early mornings when I wake up with my bouncing brain syndrome, but at the end of the day I also have to earn a living. Just like you do.

Believe it or not, there is heaps more I would love to be writing about here. You may wonder what on earth goes on in my head, but people like me who try and make their living from working in fishing do so because they essentially have no choice - it is what we love, so it is what we do. There comes a point though that I just can't spend any more time than I already do on this blog without having to earn something from it. I am kinda comfortable with how it is at the moment, but because I so love doing it and if I could, I would love to do more of it, I have started to think that perhaps I should be looking at perhaps offering exclusive content that is only accessible to paying subscribers. Or something like that?


Let's say it could be a kind of monthly extension to this blog, perhaps remaining as a simple blog format, or say a kind of ebook, online magazine/journal sort of thing? The world might well be going over to tablets and iPads, but my thinking is at the moment that if I were to do anything here, I would look at making it let's say a password/username protected part of this website where paying customers can access the extra monthly content in whatever format works best.

The questions are firstly whether you lot would actually want any more content than is already here, and secondly whether you would be prepared to pay (not very much) for it. I accept completely that there is a mass of good stuff out there online that is completely free, and you've got some really good fishing magazines that do what they do really well - is what I am doing here appealing enough to warrant paying for more of it, or is there enough of it already? As I said earlier, I feel uncomfortable talking about this - but we all have to earn a living, and because I so love writing this blog in the way that I do, I can't help but want to be able to devote a bit more time to doing it - which rightly or wrongly would require me to get paid to do so.

I don't want to change the world. I don't want to try and be an online fishing magazine, and I don't really want to have to be commercial about this - but I need to think about where I take this blog and whether I do ever try to commercialise it or just a part of it. To put it very simply, it's my obsession with lure fishing for bass especially that makes me want to try and spend more time around it, and this potential guiding stuff for example is a way for me to try and do that - and writing more (paid for) blog content would be another way, if there is any kind of market for it, which let's be honest there might well not be.

I would love to be able to put aside the time to show you more photos and perhaps explain more about how they came about. I would love to sometimes simply have the time to write more on some of the blog posts. I like going off at tangents and I suppose seeing where they take me (us), and I want to be able to explore that kind of thinking a bit more. The idea of getting into shooting and editing video footage really appeals to me as well. I don't sell fishing tackle and I have zero intentions of doing so, but I would like to explore ways in which I might be able to get you lot some special deals and offers on the gear that I think works well. How about getting some guest writers, photographers and even video makers to contribute material? Why not try and create something pretty unique that still remains very personal and informal?


Look, I could do nothing here and just continue with the blog how it currently is. I will continue to do it until such time that I didn't enjoy doing it anymore, or everybody stopped reading it, but I am kinda hoping of course that neither of those things actually happen!! I am no different to you in that I want free online content as much as possible, but somebody like me who offers a load of free online content is also aware of how much time it can take up to provide it. I don't have to do it of course, and it's not as if the world would grind to a halt if I stopped doing this blog right now - but I mean it, I simply love doing it.

Or should I be thinking about making the entire blog a subscription only thing? Please let me assure you that there is nothing remotely radical going on here, but I have to think about things and I can't see any reason why I shouldn't be asking you for your thoughts. You read my thoughts here on this blog and some of you are kind enough to leave comments (which I value massively by the way), so here's me asking you for your thoughts please. Thank you and you all have a good weekend.