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Yippee! There are a bunch of original IMA Hound 125F Glide lures available in Europe again

I wouldn’t usually do this and please note that there are no affiliate links in this blog post, but I like the IMA Hound 125F Glide lure that much I thought it might prove useful to let you know that the JDM Fishing Tackle lot over in Ireland have somehow sourced a bunch of them. A while back I blogged about various copies of this killer lure because of IMA Japan choosing to discontinue it, and whilst I don’t agree with JDM Fishing Tackle saying “This is a lure everybody thought was discontinued, but it's not” - my understanding still is that IMA aren’t making the Hound Glide any more - I take my hat off to these canny Irish lure junkies for finding a load more of these lures………………..

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So there you go - brief and to the point. I am also very interested in the Shimano Japan bass rods and reels especially that the JDM Fishing Tackle lot list on their newly revamped website. They very kindly got me access to the outstanding Shimano Dialuna S90L 9' 5-25g lure rod (review here), and judging by how good that rod is and also how interesting the more powerful 9’6’’ 8-45g version is that I have here, I have a feeling that the extensive Shimano Japan range of new Dialuna S lure rods could be just about perfect for how we go about our lure fishing - and this JDM Fishing Tackle lot are listing a good range of these rods right here.