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You don't want to know about the bass fishing potential around here

Catching fish and meeting new people aside, one of the biggest thrills that I get from this sport we call fishing is experiencing new places. I love getting to know areas better and better with time, but I also love the thrill at gazing upon a new part of the world for the first time - and this part of Kerry we are staying in is quite simply something else. The amount of shore fishing here is mind-blowing, but now start bringing in lure fishing for bass and it's enough to cause sleep problems - which it is for me. My brain is in a complete state of overload at the sheer scale of the fishing around here, and as you often seem to find in parts of Ireland, there are so comparatively few lure anglers really going at this coastline. Thanks in whole to an angler called Seamus Enright I think I've gone and stumbled upon another slice of bass heaven based around the Tralee area of Kerry................

I'll give you an example of the potential up here. Seamus and his mate Aidan thought that a particular spot had to be worth checking out last summer for a bit of lure fishing. They had been bait fishing in the general vicinity for years, but you know what it's like when you go and get the lure bug and then you start going over all those places you used to (bait) fish or have visited in the past and start thinking about them with a "lure head" on. So off Aidan and Seamus trundle to a pretty awesome looking section of reef. On Seamus' third cast at this new lure fishing spot he hooks a train of a fish. 12lbs !!! Weighed and successfully released. I guess you could call that a spot worth checking out !! They had big bass for weeks after and never, ever saw one single other angler fishing anywhere near it, indeed if these lads ever see another lure angler out fishing I think they nearly pass out with the shock of it. You know how I love Ireland, indeed with the amount of time I spend over in this magical country I really should just upsticks and move over, but for all that I am getting to grips with the fishing here, in reality I could spend a lifetime and still never really touch 1% of the shore fishing potential out here. Honestly, it fries my brain and I love it.

These Irish lads are catching a heap of bass from all kinds of marks, and once again the sheer variety of the ground we're fishing calls for a really rounded approach. The first spot we fished on our first morning here was almost screaming to be fished via bumping XLayers down the current on a jig head. Well it worked, and when we went back in the evening I had to have a go on the weightless soft plastics. That worked as well, indeed this 6.5lb fish above hit me almost under my rod tip. I'm not very good at fishing these weightless soft plastics, but if there is one thing I am it's determined, and I am going to keep at them until I get better. To get hit like that so close in when you're fishing a bit of plastic very slowly and deliberately is such a different thrill say to getting walloped at range on a shallow diving minnow. A few years back and I would never have thought that these shiny silvery fish could have offered us anglers so many different ways in which we might chase them, and if there's a better place to come hunting them down than Ireland then I am not aware of it. We're here for a couple more days and then we are moving down to Dungarvan, the Copper Coast and the first Irish Bass Festival. Excited ? Help.........