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You know when you shouldn't but you do anyway ?

Nipped out last night to have a go for a bass but ended up only with a couple of mackerel and a lone pollack - at least to my girls though I am a conquering hero because I brought them back some fresh fish for their tea !! "Wow Dad, you're amazing". Not bad eh ? Ah, the gullibility of youth. Little do they realise that actually their dad failed pretty miserably to sniff a bass or two out in what were some kind of ok conditions. To them I am the provider of their tea, the Tarzan who goes out when they are asleep and braves the elements to source some food from the ocean. And yes, I know that things will change one day when my girls get older !!

Now I knew that things were somewhat different this morning. Deep down I knew full well that I should not get out on the open coast with the lure gear, but you know that little voice that surely calls to all anglers and says "go on, you might just get away with it, and you'll sure as hell never know unless you go and have a chuck or two". Damn that voice in my head !! I shot the photo above a few years back and it's here merely to illustrate the point that it was a "little" rough this morning........

I knew I should not have gone fishing where I did, but I went there anyway. The logical side of me knew that it was going to be too rough, too full of weed and verging on dangerous - that voice in my head though planted the idea of going to give it a go to see if I could get away with it. Maybe the trees bending over were an illusion and it would not be so bad out on the open coast. "Come on Henry, you some kind of drip or what ? Get out there." Could I get away with it and catch a few bass before the worst of it came in ? Nope. Simple answer. Storm was not remotely impressed by the crashing waves and torrential rain, but after I gave her a little talking to she did settle down next to my rucksack and watched me make a fool of myself. I took it as the right time to give up when I nearly got washed in for about the tenth time !! Will I push it again one day when my head says no but the voice says possibly ? Yep. I'm an angler and I will never fully grow up. It's what we do, it's in our blood, and there is always that slight chance that you might just get away with it and catch a monster...............

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