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You need Africa in your life....

For various work reasons I had to go back into my RAW files that I shot a couple of years ago out in Zambia, and this tight shot of a magnificent elephant really grabbed me. I shot it from a boat when we were fly fishing for tigerfish down on the Caprivi Strip. A bit of African light and warmth I hope might inspire you to visit this awesome continent for your fishing, indeed you owe it to yourself to do so if you can. I have only ever had hugely positive experiences when working and travelling in Africa, indeed for a while now I have been sorely tempted to emigrate over and spend the rest of my life catching big fish in warm weather !! If you ever want any info, be sure to check out the photo essays on my site, or contact me personally and I will do all I can to help out.

Here is a big 12lb tigerfish taken on the fly, by Gerhard Laubscher of the outstanding South African fly fishing guiding company FlyCastaway. Fish with these guys and you will understand why I rate them so highly. Tigerfish are plain awesome, indeed in my mind they could only come from one place on this earth - Africa of course. Fishing for tiger fish usually involves a free safari at the same time. Check out some more photos of these fish here. I hope the photos might prove to be a little bit of inspiration for this rubbish weather we have got at the moment - where is the sun ??!!

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