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You want to get into lure fishing - how daunting does it look ?

If you're into a particular kind of fishing then to some degree you will be up on what is going on or how to go about actually doing the fishing. A lot of the methods, the terms and phrases, the gear and the know-how will not seem like a foreign language to you. But what if you are not part of a certain fishing "scene" and are interested in having a go and getting involved ? If you are say a mad keen lure angler, imagine now what it might be like to get into something like carp fishing or fly fishing - where on earth would you start ?

I think that in general the sport of fishing does an ok job at promoting itself to newcomers, but I always try to be aware how daunting the whole thing can look to the outsider, and with lure fishing especially going through such a surge in interest I often wonder what we as a "scene" might do better to make what we do seem that little less daunting to anglers or indeed beginners who might be interested in getting into it.

All anglers have different skill and knowledge levels, and some will have a better understanding of this whole lure fishing than others. On the one hand I still cling to lure fishing being little more than chucking something artificial out in the right place at the right time, but of course this is a very simplistic view of a kind of fishing that as we know can actually be as technical as you want it to be. I all some awesome anglers who are both technical and perhaps non-technical, albeit in their own ways the non-technical anglers in a way actually are when it comes to the all important watercraft thing.

I would personally class myself a relatively competent angler with an insatiable thirst to learn, who gets to fish and work around some awesome anglers all around the world. It never bothers me for one second that I might go fishing with people who I know are far more talented at fishing than me for example, but on the other hand I like to think that one of my skills is the ability to stand well back from something that I am heavily immersed in and look at it with a pretty neutral eye - which is why I think that some kinds of fishing in particular can seem pretty daunting to the "outsider".

Does it actually matter though ? Well it doesn't if you have no interest in trying to help grow and perhaps even better the sport. I understand why some anglers want to keep themselves to themselves and have nothing to do with any fishing related stuff outside of them simply going fishing, but I am not like that. I want more anglers to "find" fishing and of course lure fishing and the different thrills it can offer, and of course I want more people to come into fishing full stop. Fishing is a great thing to do and I happen to think that going fishing can and does teach all of us some valuable life lessons.

If you're "in the know" then it's all pretty logical and accessible, but what if you're not ? I wonder what the trade might someday almost be forced to do to help almost "take fishing to people" that bit more. More people fishing of course equals more money being spent on it, but are we all perhaps a little bit guilty of forgetting that every single one of us at some point in our lives had never actually gone fishing. Imagine for a second if we had not gone fishing at some point, or indeed been taken fishing by some kind person or organisation. Everybody had to start somewhere. Imagine we wanted to get into it now. How daunting might it look ? At heart fishing is an incredibly simple thing to get involved in and do, but of course it is to an angler who is involved in it..............