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You’ll never know unless you give it a go

It’s not as if there are suddenly a load of bass around for all us shore anglers to catch and of course near the end of March rarely tends to be a prolific time of year for most of us, but on the other hand there is always the argument that you’ll never have a chance of connecting with an early bass if you are sitting at home………..

And no, I am not here to report on an early season bass or two that I have managed to winkle out - we tried yesterday morning, damn it felt good to get out on the coast, no sign of bass - but it doesn’t half give you a big jolt of buzz when some lads you know also head out to give it a bit of a go and they do go and catch bass at this time of year. OK, so they were somewhere on the north coast I believe and we were fishing the south coast (I don’t know where and it’s none of my business), but I take my hat off to those anglers who dust down their lure gear and give it a go.

This is not my photo by the way

This is not my photo by the way

All I know is that Charlie caught this rather good looking 62cm bass yesterday (I acquired the photo off FB, hope this is ok lads!), and that the successful lure was a 140mm Fiiish Black Minnow in that rather good looking new Blue Lagoon colour. Does colour matter? Who really knows, but it interests me how these lads I know have a big thing for paddletails with some blue on them - and damn right I keep an eye on Charlie when I am fishing with him because he’s bloody good at fishing the Black Minnow over shallowish, rough ground and I’d be a remarkably stupid angler if I didn’t strive to learn off anglers. 

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Well done lads and it proves yet again that if you don’t give it a go you never really know. I accept completely that all the different parts of the UK and indeed Ireland where we might catch bass tend to fish that little bit differently, but surely there is also the argument that it’s all too easy to tell yourself that you don’t stand a chance for whatever reason - the water temperature is too low, the recent cold weather we’ve had will surely delay things, and so on. 

Every year has to be subtly different because we are dealing with the natural world, but when you hear about some of that Guernsey based lure fishing that’s been going on all winter (and I would guess their water isn’t very warm either) and then after all that snow and ice and cold weather but those north coast lads headed out yesterday and landed a cracker of a bass, I can’t help but ask the question yet again - as human beings, what do we really know about the ins and outs of the natural world? Our human logic for sure says this late cold weather may well delay things kicking off - and by no means am I saying here that we’re suddenly off and flying with this year’s bass fishing! - but everywhere is subtly different and I can’t help but come back to either sitting there and waiting, or getting out there and having a go. I bet you those north Cornwall lads are absolutely buzzing right now with that why the hell not attitude having paid off like that. Well done once again and my profound thanks for giving us all that vital bit of hope…………..

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