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Photography, writing, TV and consultancy related work 

Please email me to discuss any work related requirements. There might occasionally be a delay in getting back to you, and I apologise if this happens, but please understand that my work sometimes takes me away from an internet connection (please check my blog for where I am). Refreshing though that may be to some of us in this day and age, rest assured that I will get back to you just as soon as I can.

Non-work related emails

I am simply unable to personally respond to every single email that is sent to me. I do my best, but I work on my own here. It is immensely kind that so many people want to get in touch with me, and it means a huge amount. I will try to get back to you, but please do not be offended if I don't succeed. 

I have a huge and constantly growing library of fishing photographs from all over the world

The pictures on this site are a very small sample of what I have on file, so please do not hesitate in asking me if you would like to see more of what I have. The chances are that I do have what you are looking for. Specific photographic assignments are also undertaken (please email me). I work in and around all kinds of fishing, with a major emphasis on :

Fly fishing for species such as trout, grayling, salmon, steelhead, tigerfish, yellowfish, carp, Nile perch, golden dorado, Amazon pacu, taimen, lenok etc.

Saltwater fly fishing for species such as bonefish, giant trevally (GT), milkfish, trigger fish, bass, pollack, coalfish, bumphead parrotfish etc.

Bait and lure fishing for conger eels, pollack, cod, coalfish, mullet, bream, tarpon, permit, snappers, jacks, sharks, mackerel, flatfish (plaice, flounder), rays, wrasse, barracuda etc.

I am utterly obsessed with fishing for and photographing bass on lures especially, and I would hazard a guess that I have the largest library of modern (European sea) bass fishing photos on earth.