Henry Gilbey

The FG knot, the best braid to leader knot I know


The easiest way I have found to tie this awesome leader knot.

The FG is without doubt the best way that I have come across so far to attach braid to a fluoro or mono leader. It’s not hugely easy to tie, but take your time and do it correctly and it’s just about impossible to break.

If you want to know how to tie this knot, have a look at my blog posts here (with an embedded video in there on this knot), here and here. This is the knot that now allows me to use a longer leader without any worries that the knot will catch in the rod rings and blow the reel up – I have not had this happen once. The Improved Albright/3-turn locking knot is a great knot, but I can’t use a longer leader as the slightly bulkier knots does catch on the rings, hence the use of a short leader to make sure that knot stays outside the rod.

But not with this FG knot. Holy cow you can pull the living hell out of this thing and if you snag a lure up say with 20lb braid tied to 16lb or 20lb fluoro, I reckon most times you are going to snap off down by the lure clip and the leader knot will hold firm. 

The single most important step to tying this knot is to pull the hell out of it after you have put those fifteen (as in thirty up and overs) cross-wraps in there – this seems to almost bed the knot down so that it “grips” the leader. Do this right and it’s set properly.

February 2015 - I wrote another blog post about this incredible knot, and this time it’s a different, and perhaps for some anglers, easier way to tie it. Check here.

June 2017 - another blog post about this amazing knot. Is there any point in using any other knot to connect braid to leader when the FG knot - if tied correctly - can give you a 100% strength join. Have a look here.