Henry Gilbey

Hard lures (diving) - APIA


I have loved APIA lure fishing rods for a fair while now, but this Japanese company now make a bunch of very interesting bass lures as well.


Apia Ailed'ore 115F

Strange name, but I am really starting to like this Apia Ailed'ore 115F (115mm, 18g). It absolutely flies, and for a hard lure that swims so lovely and shallow this is something I really like. The action is a very tight kind of wiggle and it just catches bass. This Apia Ailed'ore 115F is up there as one of the longest casting I have seen in this category. It’s spending more and more time in my lure box, put it that way.

You can buy this lure here in the UK.


Apia Dover 99F

I do like the smaller bass lures, and this very grippy Apia Dover 99F (99mm, 15g) is a peach of a lure. It casts really well, it’s got a very intense action, I love how well it grips into rougher conditions, and although the quoted diving depth is a handy 60cms, you can get this Apia Dover 99F up a little shallower if needs be.

You can get this lure here in the UK.


APIA Lammtarra

I need a lot more time with this good looking APIA lure, but I am starting to really like this shallow-diving Lammtarra (130mm, 18g, to 30cms swimming depth). It casts pretty well, it swims fairly shallow, and it’s got a good strong action that you just know bass will fall for. I have heard of a few bass anglers catching a bunch of good fish on this lure and I will be interested to see how it might do over time. Some fantastic colours as well.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.


APIA Lammtarra Badel

A deeper diving and slightly longer casting version of the Lammtarra, this APIA Lammtarra Badel (130mm, 20g, to 60cms swimming depth) seems to have a similar kind of action but of course down a little deeper where it then gives a degree more stability in livelier conditions. These APIA lures come with some stunning colours.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

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