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Some of the best bass fishing lures we can lay out hands on, the Japanese brand DUO is just incredible. There can't be many bass anglers who haven't at least heard of their classic Tide Minnow range.

DUO Tide Minnow (various sizes)

Various lengths, models and weights are available - a truly modern range of bass lures that cast like bullets and just catch bass plain and simple. The Duo Tide Minnow 120 Surf in the holographic white/silver colour is a particularly lethal bass lure in choppier conditions - it works great when you retrieve it at about the (slightly slower) speed you would with say the Flash Minnow, and also put some action on them via your rod tip - reel, reel, twitch, twitch, stop, reel etc.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.


DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140

Quite why it took me so long to switch on to the DUO Tide Minnow Slim 140 (140mm, 18g) I still can’t work out, but I am loving it. Great casting (but then DUO lures mostly just fly out there anyway) and I really like that incredibly tight, very intensive rolling action that the slim/narrow lip produces. A really good lure in lively conditions as well.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

DUO Slim 140 Flyer

It flies!! Whilst I think it’s pretty confusing for DUO to attach the word “Slim” to this lure when the bib on it isn’t actually slim like on the killer DUO Slim 140, this DUO Slim 140 Flyer (confused?) is one hell of a bass fishing lure. It’s 140mm long, weighs 21g and is a slow sinking, sub-surface hard lure that swims at about what I would call a shallowish-medium depth. I love punching this lure into a decent headwind, it grips the water well, and just catches bass. Another class DUO hard lure.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

DUO Tide Minnow 145S (sinking)

We are really catching on to how well various sinking hard lures can do for some of our bass fishing, and the Duo Tide Minnow 145S (145mm, 22.5g) is one of the very best out there. DUO Tide Minnows cast really well, and this particular model is no exception. A sinking hard lure is generally that little bit heavier than its floating equivalent, and as well as giving you extra distance into and across the wind, a sinking lure also gives you extra stability when the conditions are more challenging

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