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Hard lures (diving) - IMA (old page)


A whole page dedicated to the Japanese brand IMA and their diving hard lures. Why? Because IMA seems to do a lure for all kinds of locations and conditions, and I feel so confident fishing with them. Bass love them!

IMA Calm 110

What on earth have I been missing? Swim this little IMA Calm (110mm, 11g, sinking) nice and slowly and you can’t help but think sandeel. I am kicking myself for not using lures like this properly, and I intend to rectify this big time. For its size this IMA Calm casts very well, and yes, I just want to jump in the water and eat it myself when I start the retrieve. Another lure to put in an ever-growing lure box!

You can find UK stocks of these lures here

IMA Honey Trap 95S

Another one of those lipless minnows/sinking pencils that I gave a bit of water time to but then left it alone because I didn’t have the confidence that such a gorgeous, subtle action could do it for the bass. How wrong I was! This IMA Honey Trap 95S (95mm, 25g, sinking) used to go on my rod to be used a sort of “flutterer”, as in it does flutter rather nicely on the drop, but now I am very interested in the IMA Honey Trap when you slow-retrieve it. Long-casting, just sub-surface with a stunning little waggle/slalom type of action, I have so much to learn about these lures. This IMA Honey Trap does seem very versatile with the different ways you can work it, so don’t just wind it in. Play with it!

You can find UK stocks of these lures here

IMA Hound 100F Sonic

I just don’t understand how IMA can get a “little” lure like this Hound 100F Sonic (100mm, 14g) to cast so well and also grip into the sea like it does. This baby of the Hound 125F Glide has a bit more of a vibration to it when you retrieve it, as in you can really feel the intense action through your rod tip, and it swims a little shallower as well if needs be.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

IMA Hound 125F Glide

I am not personally aware of a 125mm size lure that casts as far as this freak of nature, the IMA Hound 125F Glide (125mm, 20g, perhaps with a little rocket inside it ?). It just plain flies out in any kind of weather, and I have yet to find sea conditions in which it cannot grip down hard and keep you fishing. Oh, and it has a stunning action that bass love !! I would describe it as diving to a medium kind of depth and this IMA Hound 125F Glide is without doubt a new lure for me that never, ever leaves my box of delights. Give this lure a few years and I would bet that it will have accounted for numerous big bass throughout our waters – the first bass I caught on one weighed 6lbs and hit me at a distance that some other lures would struggle to reach. Enough said?

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Hound 140F Fang

Not quite as long casting as I thought it might be when compared to the smaller missile like IMA Hound 125F Glide, this larger IMA Hound 140F Fang (140mm, 22g, 40-100cms swimming depth) still gets out there pretty damn well, and it just eats into rough seas and keeps you fishing. I have a lot of time for the IMA Hound family of hard lures - they do what they say on the tin if you ask me. They catch fish, they get on with fishing all manner of conditions, and they get out there with minimal fuss.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

IMA Hound 80S Sonic

A little lure with big intentions, this IMA Hound 80S Sonic (80mm, 9g, sinking, 60-120cm swimming depth) gets out there really well, and it can grip into some surprisingly lively conditions. Time will tell how this works for bass, but with how much time some of the other IMA Hound family spend in my lure box, I see no reason why this one isn’t going to do some good business on the fish.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

IMA iBORN 98f Shallow

I’m a sucker for hard lures that cast well and swim really shallow, which I guess in turn is mainly down to the fact that I do so much of my bass fishing over rough, shallow ground, and this little IMA iBORN 98f Shallow lure (98mm, 13g) I reckon is going to do some harm. It casts really for its size, and on a medium speed retrieve it comes to life just under the surface with a very intense little slalom/wiggle sort of action - it reminds me a little bit of the killer but discontinued Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+SSR FG action, and that is a very good sign to me. This is a very shallow-swimming lure and therefore doesn’t really like choppy conditions.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo 130 Slim

Another of the killer IMA Komomo range, this ultra-shallow diving IMA Komomo SF-130 Slim is starting to do some serious harm on the bass. It’s not easy to describe lure actions, but this SF-130 Slim has a subtly different action to the more regular SF-125 and I will often carry both of them on shallow marks especially. The IMA SF-130 Slim weighs a mere 12g and is 130mm long, but you would be surprised at how well it casts, and if you can track them down then have a look at the very slightly heavier, limited edition IMA SF-130 Slim Tomahawk which weighs 13.5g. This thing flies out there like you might not believe an ultra-shallow minnow can.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo II

A long casting, ultra-shallow diving lure from IMA, one of the best lure companies out there. A lure like this needs calm conditions to work best, for it really does swim so shallow that too much chop on the water will kill it stone dead. This IMA Komomo II (110mm, 15g) is a killer in calm, settled conditions over shallow, rough ground especially.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo II 90

The IMA Komomo II 90 (90mm, 12g) is not just a smaller version of the slightly larger Komomo II that I presumed it might just be. No way. This is a whole lure all by itself if that makes sense. First off it does swim shallow, but not as incredibly shallow as the larger one – still nice and shallow though, and get the rod tip up and you can get it to swim just beneath the surface if you need to. The Komomo II 90 has a somewhat different action to the larger Komomo II, in that it the smaller 90 seems to snake roll more than rock from side to side. This seems to really turn the bass on. Small it might be, but it casts incredibly well, and what really surprised me from the off was how well the 90 “bites in” to the sea – and especially in rougher conditions when I would not have used the original Komomo II.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo SF-110

The IMA Komomo lures do it for me in a big way, and this smaller IMA Komomo SF-110 (110mm, 12g, 0-50cm swimming depth) is a stunner. Casts well, swims lovely and shallow, and the action is sublime. I simply have not used this smaller SF-110 as much as I should have, and this error is going to be corrected. The larger IMA Komomo SF-125 has been my go-to ultra-shallow diver for years now, but sometime I think the bass want something a little smaller. Welcome to my lure box little SF-110!

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo SF-125

This stunning looking IMA lure can be worked in a variety of different ways, but my favourite is to get the rod tip nice and high and crank it a medium pace. This makes the lure run very shallow, so it’s perfect for really nasty ground (bass love this), and the IMA Komomo SF-125 (125mm, 16g, 0-30cms swimming depth) runs with a loose, wiggling/side to side action that really turns fish on. I just don't go bass fishing without at least one SF-125 in my lure box. I know of few lures that you can force to swim so effectively at such a shallow depth - and when I mean "force", I mean by holding the rod tip up as you retrieve. I wrote a blog post about this lure - see here.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Komomo SF-145

This is a pretty substantial shallow diving hard lure - the IMA Komomo SF-145 (145mm, 26g, 20-50cm swimming depth) casts pretty well and it’s also nice and stable in some lively conditions. You know the sort of action you’re getting with this Komomo SF family of IMA lures, and I love it. I catch bass on these lures and I can’t ask for much more than that. OK, so I take the SF-125 as a matter of course, but I can see myself turning to this somewhat larger SF-145 model when needs be.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

IMA nyokkey85

This thing is ridiculous. A small hard lure yet it’s a missile how well it casts, and when you slow to medium straight-retrieve this little IMA knokkey85 (85mm, 11g, 15-50cms swimming depth) it sits a little head up/arse down in the water and just wiggles. Crumbs. I love the idea of this lure on a light rod, searching around estuaries and calm conditions when something small, subtle, and yes, wiggly, is going to do it for the bass.

IMA p-ce 100

What on earth have I been doing letting this little IMA p-ce 100 (100mm, 17g, sinking) sit here for so long with so little love? I can’t wait to give this some serious fishing time - it casts very well, and although it’s a sinking lure, the moment you start the retrieve this IMA p-ce 100 is right up there, literally just underneath the surface with the most outrageous wiggle kind of action on it. I can think of so many situations where a long casting, little ultra-shallow diving hard lure is going to be so useful.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Rocket Bait 95

I am highly overexcited about this new IMA Rocket Bait 95 lure (95mm, 22g, sinking). It casts like the proverbial missile, it swims just under the surface on a slowish to medium straight retrieve with a rather stunning little “shimmer” kind of action, and I caught bass on it almost immediately. Although this little lure sinks, it’s easy enough to fish it over shallow ground where I think it’s going to do so much harm - as long as you whack the bale arm over when the lure lands and you don’t let it sink, this Rocket Bait 95 comes up nice and shallow almost immediately. You can cover a lot of ground with this lure because it casts so far, and I am fascinated to see if this Rocket Bait 95 turns out to be a classic. My initial impressions are good - see here for example.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here

IMA Sasuke 105

I just like the action on a Sasuke lure, and this little 105mm long model casts really well, grips in great, and gives me plenty of that Sasuke kind of action in a smaller lure. I can get this Sasuke 105 (105mm, 13g) up fairly shallow if needs be, and as with the other models on the range I tend to retrieve this 105 with a straight retrieve on a medium and sometimes slowish kind of pace.

You can buy this lure here in the UK.


IMA Sasuke 120 and 120S

I have no figures to prove it, but the 120 version of the Sasuke I reckon might be the longest casting of the Sasuke family, and particularly the 120S (sinking) version. They also bite into almost any sea with such ease. I love these Sasuke lures because they are so easy to fish with and they catch me plenty of bass. The first time I ever used the Sasuke 120 it caught me a good bass in the most horrendous conditions. An easy lure to get fairly shallow if needs be, and that action just does it big time. Both Sasuke 120 lures are 120mm long - the floating version weighs 17g and the sinking version weighs 18g. Read a blog post about these lures here.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here

IMA Sasuke 130

I have been a fool for not giving this IMA Sasuke 130 (130mm, 25g, 80-120cm swimming depth) more time, and this is going to be rectified. Long-casting, very “grippy” in tough conditions, and it’s got a very exaggerated Sasuke kind of action. I know of a few bass anglers who have done so well on this IMA Sasuke 130 and I will be carrying it more and more for lively conditions especially.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here

IMA Sasuke 140

I liked the look of this lure the moment I saw it, and it kills for bass fishing. The IMA Sasuke 140 (140mm, 20g) works really well if you simply crank it in at a medium to fast pace, and the lure tends to run with a really seductive, tight “wiggle” action at a kind of medium shallow depth. You can easily make it swim shallower if you need to, just hold the rod tip up as you retrieve. Responds very well to a very animated twitch/pause retrieve style as well. The IMA Sasuke 140 casts really, really well, especially into and across the wind.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.

IMA Sasuke 140S (sinking)

This sinking version of the already-killer IMA Sasuke 140 is everything I had hoped it might be. If I have a sniff of being out and about in heavy conditions then this one is in the box for sure. Talk about biting in hard when it gets lumpy, indeed I can’t get the seas I fish to spit this thing out, and if the lure is working away all the time then I feel that I am in with a decent shout at some fish. You can really punch this IMA Sasuke 140S (sinking, 140mm, 21g) into a headwind and still cover stacks of ground.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.

IMA Sasuke SF-95

I guess that I just dig the IMA Sasuke kind of action, and of course this is because they have caught bass for me from the off. So you can imagine that I was a little excited to find out that this smaller IMA Sasuke SF95 (95mm, 8g, floating) was described on the IMA website as being a very shallow runner. Me and my shallow divers, so I got hold of this lure and again caught on it almost instantly over some very shallow rough ground in less than ideal conditions.

IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F

A killer, very long-casting floating minnow that has an awesome action and catches fish. I actually lost the largest bass that has ever hit me when I was using the red belly version (code NB009) of the IMA/DUO Nabarone 125F (125mm, 16g) – my braid was taken across sharp rocks and broke. So many of these modern Japanese lures cast like bullets and this one is no exception. I very much like the actions on minnows such as this one because they catch me fish. Nice and simple, works great with a straight retrieve – what more could one want from a minnow?

You can find UK stocks of these lures here

IMA/DUO Nabarone 125S (sinking)

The sinking version of the IMA/DUO Nabarone 125 might only weigh a mere 1.5g more than the floating model, but for some reason it just flies out there even better than its floating counterpart if that is possible. This IMA/DUO Nabarone 125S (125mm, 17.5g) is now one of my go-to hard bass lures for tougher conditions, and although this might be rubbish, I do believe that I can get this sinking Nabarone to swim a little bit shallower than the floating one if needs be. Although it says on the IMA website that the Nabarone 125S swims from about 60cms down, I personally reckon that you can easily get it to swim shallower if needs be. How is that ? No idea, but these Nabarone lures work nicely.

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