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MegaBass is a very much design orientated, seriously class Japanese fishing tackle brand, and they make some killer bass fishing lures.

MegaBass Cutter 125

A shallow running minnow kind of hard lure that essentially “wakes” (rolling with a sort of side to side head action) under the surface when you retrieve it at a slow to medium pace. The MegaBass Cutter 125 (125mm, 18g) casts well and the action is just so subtle and seductive.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.  

MegaBass FX9 saltwater version

This little MegaBass FX9 (saltwater version, 90mm, 11g) swims fairly shallow, and you can very easily force it up even shallower via a higher rod and a slightly slower retrieve. The action is a very, very intense kind of wobble/rock from side to side to side that really lets the sides of the lure almost flash in the light, and it is interesting to note that the FX9 has done well for me in very bright and flat conditions. You need to bear in mind that the bib which moves up and down can be broken if you smash the FX9 hard into a rock like I did.

MegaBass X-80 Magnum

Look at this thing and you get little idea how stupidly well it’s going to get out there in some lively conditions, and then wow does this MegaBass X-80 Magnum (115mm, 17.5g) grip into that turbulence. Without doubt it’s now one of my go to lures for windier and rougher conditions, and I believe the loud internal rattle helps fish locate it in loads of fizz. Long casting, very stable, it catches bass. MegaBass all over.

MegaBass X-120SW

The MegaBass X-120SW (120mm, 12.5g) has a really nice tight, wobbling/rolling action that obviously does it for the fish, and it swims fairly shallow. For some reason this lure has worked the best for me when I retrieve it with my rod tip pointing upwards - perhaps this increases the "head shake" on the lure ? This “little” lure just flies and it’s incredibly stable for its size.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here.

MegaBass X-140SW

This MegaBass X-140SW (140mm, 19.5g, floating) is a killer bass lure – it casts like a bullet, it looks stunning in the water, and the first two bass I saw caught on one weighed 10lbs and 8lbs - in consecutive casts as well !! Check here. The action is a very intense, classic kind of minnow rolling wobble, and the X-140SW can really be worked hard as well – twitch, pause, etc., and the lure naturally floats slowly back to the surface when you leave it be. The kind of larger minnow I don’t like going bass fishing without and they have a habit of nailing big bass.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here.

MegaBass Zonk Gataride 120mm

A very long distance casting lure from the Japanese guys who are creating so many awesome lures these days. The MegaBass Zonk 120 Gataride (120mm, 18g) can simply be cranked in at a medium pace, but it also works well if you put some action into it via your rod tip. You need to watch out for that fairly fragile plastic lip – if it gets banged too hard on the rocks (wrong cast etc.), then it can break. You can get the lure to swim at a fairly shallow depth, so it’s perfect for the rough ground marks where a lot of the big bass like to hang out. Excellent when there is some wind about, for the Zonk 120 Gataride really cuts through it well. The Hi-Pitch version has a slightly more exaggerated action than the Yoro-Yoro, but I tend to go for the Yoro-Yoro most of the time as it swims that little bit shallower – but then plenty of anglers I know prefer the Hi-Pitch version. Go figure !! Both simply slay bass.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here.

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