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Hard lures (diving) - various brands


Some of the diving, minnow type hard lures that I might take bass fishing - Shimano, Daiwa, Maria, Smith etc.


Shimano Exsence Responder 109F

Holy cow do I like the look of this smallish but nice and chunky and very stable Shimano Exsence Responder 109F (109mm 15g). It absolutely flies, and with very little effort as well, and it swims so nice and shallow with that kind of intense little wiggle kind of action that a bib like this tends to suggest.

Available here in the UK.

Special mention hard lure of the year 2018.


Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 120F-SSR

I haven’t had much experience yet with this amazing looking Daiwa Shoreline Shiner Z Vertice 120F-SSR, but it absolutely flies, it swims nice and shallow, and it’s got a stunning swim on it which I know has worked well for a bunch of anglers in the UK and Ireland who have switched onto this thing.

You can find a good UK selection of Daiwa lures here.


Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow 120

I have a thing for long casting, shallow diving minnow-type hard lures, and this Duel Hardcore Lipless Minnow 120 (120mm, 16g) just flies. You know the sort of action it has by looking at the “face” of the lure, and sure enough, it smashes bass. I really like the Duel lure colours as well.

You can find these lures here on Ebay. I have bought from this “shop” before and it works great.

(R)D611280 HDR.jpg

Tackle House Feed Shallow 128

Awesome ultra-shallow diving minnow that casts ok. The Tackle House Feed Shallow 128 (128mm, 13.5g) works well when retrieved at a fast or medium pace. This one has caught lots of big bass for lots of anglers over the last year or so, indeed it is fast becoming a cult sub-surface, minnow-type lure.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here and here.


Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z140F

This Daiwa Shore Line Shiner Z140F (140mm, 25.6g) casts a proverbial mile and grips in really well. I don’t actually have that many 140mm+ hard lures for my bass fishing, and this one will be spending some proper time with me in the future. A class hard lure.

You can find a good UK selection of Daiwa lures here.

(R)D66877 - 01.jpg

Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+SSR FG

This shallow diving Daiwa Shoreline Shiner R50+SSR FG lure (120mm, 15.5g) is a lethal, ultra-shallow diving hard lure. Just whack it out and wind it in. This Shoreline Shiner casts really well, it’s got a great action, it swims nice and shallow, and when you slow right down the action gets really intense.

You can find a good UK selection of Daiwa lures here.


Duel Hardcore Minnow 130F

I love the MegaBass X120 and X140 bass lures, and this Duel Hardcore Minnow 130F (130mm, 13g) feels like it fits right in between them. I like how it doesn’t swim too deep and I can force it up a little if needs be by raising my rod tip and slowing down the retrieve.

You can find some Duel lures in the UK here.


Jackson Athlete minnows (various sizes)

The big range of Jackson Athlete minnows/jerkbaits have been around for years, and they have one hell of a reputation. What I really like is that Jackson make a range of different size floating and sinking minnows that cast like bullets and have fantastic rolling/wobbling actions. Straight retrieve them, slash them hard from side to side, you name, they can take it.

You can find some Jackson lures in the UK here.


Lucky Craft Flash Minnow (various sizes)

Hugely popular and hugely effective, this lure will never go away. Runs slightly deeper than the Maria Chase, with a fantastic, rolling action, and it casts incredibly well. Work a little bit slower than the Maria. A huge range of colours available. This is one of the original “modern” shallow divers.

You can find some Lucky Craft lures in the UK here.


Maria Angel Kiss (various sizes)

A good bass lure with a strong action and it casts fairly well, the Angel Kiss is a quality bit of kit that catches plenty of fish for lots of anglers. Good value for money as well.


Maria Chase BW (discontinued)

The Maria Chase BW (125mm, 18.5g) in holographic silver is quite simply a lethal bass fishing lure and you can’t go wrong with them – sure, they are not a killer casting lure, but they nail fish big time. I wrote a blog post about this lure - see here.


North Craft Adration 125F

A little like a 125mm long IMA Sasuke, this North Craft Adration 125F (125mm, 20g, floating) is a bit of a stunner. That front lip is a little wider than you think, and it really grips into a lively sea. Casts very well and there’s a strong action that you can really feel in the rod tip.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here.


PDG Frilled Swimmer 115F

The action on this new PDG (Posi Drive Garage) Frilled Swimmer 115F (115mm, 16g, range 20-50cm) is just stunning. This strange looking Frilled Swimmer 115F casts like an arrow and it seems that you can retrieve it almost any speed and it’s doing something appealing.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here.


Smith Haluca 125F

There can’t be many 125mm (medium sized) minnows out there that cast as well as this Smith Haluca 125F (125mm, 13.9g, floating) – honestly, this thing just flies out. For a medium sized, fairly narrow profile minnow/jerkbait, it’s like a proverbial arrow.

You can find some Smith lures here in the UK.

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