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Hooks and clips


The various hooks and lure clips that I use for my lure fishing.


Breakaway Mini Link lure clip

If there’s an easier to use lure clip than these rather clever Breakaway Mini Links then I haven’t come across them yet, and I think they are just fantastic. They are also nice and cheap. Check out my review here.

You can buy these clips here and here (Ebay link).


VMC 7554B BN Barbless treble hook

I absolutely love that these treble hooks come in barbed or barbless, and for me it’s barbless all the way. The VMC 7554B BN Barbless treble hook seems to be just about perfect for my bass fishing lures and so far I can’t find any signs of rust or damage on the ones I have been using. More details here.

You can find a good selection of VMC hooks here.

Accessory of the year 2018.


Seadra hitch-hiker coil

Bloody brilliant. Easy to use, they make soft plastics last a lot longer, and as I found out recently, you can in fact use these hitch-hikers on regular weedless hooks instead of only specialist ones like the excellent Owner Twistlock hooks. More information here about rigging various soft plastics with these Seadra hitch-hiker coils.

Available here.


Owner P20/Hyper Welded Quick Snap

By miles the best snap-style lure clip I have ever come across. Not cheap, but so light and well made and so much easier to actually open and shut than other clips like these that I have tried. Perfect for our lure fishing and I particularly like the size 1 for our bass fishing. More details here.

Available here in the UK.


Owner Twistlock weedless hooks, Gary Yamamoto spec

The Owner Twistlock hitchhiker system is the easiest to rig soft plastics on and these weedless hooks just seem to be ideally suited to our bass fishing. I particularly like size 5/0 and 6/0 for the 6’’ OSP DoLive Stick or the Wave Fishing 5’’ Bamboo Sticks, and then the smaller 3/0 or 4/0 versions work really well on the 4.5’’ OSP DoLive Stick FAT.

You can get these hooks here.


Owner Twistlock weedless hooks, Gary Yamamoto spec, with belly weight

My perfect hook for weedless rigging a multitude of soft plastics, but with a belly weight. I really like these weighted hooks on something like the Deps Deathadder 6’’ soft plastic where I feel it gives me added stability in livelier conditions for example.

You can buy these hooks here in the UK.


VMC Drop Dead weighted weedless hooks

They aren’t too expensive, there are all the hook sizes and belly weights that I need for various soft plastics, and I just like how these VMC hooks are put together.

You can find these hooks here in the UK.

(R)D69926 07.30.07.jpg

Lunker City Texposer weedless hook

From the people that make the soft plastic Slug-Go lure, their slightly weird looking Texposer weedless hook is rather brilliant. In my mind some of the best weedless hooks for soft plastics that we can get our hands on. I love how they just don’t seem to rust up, don’t cost the earth, and they are plenty strong enough for the sort of fish we catch here in the UK and Ireland. My most commonly used size of the Lunker City Texposer hook is the 5/0 for 5’’ and longer soft plastics.

You can usually find good UK stocks of these hooks here.


VMC Specimen Inline Single 7266

A single hook for lures that just looked right from the off, and I love that these VMC Specimen Inline Single 7266 hooks are available in some big sizes as well. More thoughts on that here.

You can find a good selection of VMC hooks here.


Seaspin Gamu SW single lure hooks

They last well and they work just fine on the end of many of the hard lures I might use for my bass fishing, albeit I still like a treble hook on the front of the lures for various reasons. I use the Seaspin Gamu SW size 1 to replace size 6 treble hooks, and then the Seaspin Gamu SW size 1/0 to replace size 4 treble hooks. These hooks also come with good quality split rings attached, and as ever, I crush the barbs on them. More info here.

Available here in the UK.


Vanfook DT-58S treble hook

Holy cow Vanfook make sharp hooks! Serious quality hooks from this Japanese company, and whilst all treble hooks are going to rust up eventually, these Vanfook DT-58S treble hooks are some of the best I have found for when I need to replace the trebles on my hard lures.


Varivas Gran Hooking Master (Monster Class) weedless hooks

If there’s a better weedless hook for wrasse fishing especially then I haven’t come across it. These Varivas Gran Hooking Master (Monster Class) weedless hooks in sizes 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 especially are perfect for the kind of soft plastics we might use for wrasse, and I have never had one of these awesome hooks start to bend out on me. They are very, very strong.

Available here (Ebay link).


Delalande Agrafe Rapide INOX lure clips

Once you get used to almost twisting your lures onto this clip (you do not open it out) then after a while you start to wonder why on earth more clips are not made like this. I prefer the 35lb version for my lure fishing for bass especially.

You can buy these clips here.

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