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Lure rods - Shimano


A seriously class fishing tackle brand which means it is doubly frustrating that Shimano Europe are so hesitant in servicing our growing lure fishing market with lots of the Shimano Japan (sea) bass fishing tackle especially.


Shimano Exsence Infinity S900ML/RF 9’ 5-32g

As of February 2018 this Shimano Exsence Infinity S900ML/RF 9’ 5-32g lure rod is the most stunning and accomplished “near as dammit do it all” 9’ lure rod I have ever fished with. Holy frigging cow it’s a disgrace how good it is. See my extensive review here.


Shimano Exsence Infinity S906M/RF 9’6’’ 6-38g

As per the 9’ version. As of May 2018 this is the best 9’6’’ lure fishing rod I have ever fished with. Hugely accomplished, seriously versatile, and does all that its rating suggests. I am in love. See my review here.

Money no object, can’t buy in the UK, lure rod of the year 2018.


Shimano Dialuna S90L 9' 5-25g

A peach of a lure rod! This Shimano Dialuna S90L 9' 5-25g almost sits in between a very light and a regular kind of lure rod, and it’s just an absolute joy to fish with. Crumbs have I got a growing thing for Shimano Japan lure fishing rods. Review here.

You can find this rod here in Europe.


Shimano Dialuna XR S900ML 9’ 6-28g (discontinued)

As of May 2017, this is the first Shimano Japan (sea) bass rod I have used. This roughly £250 UK RRP Shimano Dialuna XR S900ML is one impressive rod. I do tend to like 9’ lure rods, and I do like the 6-28g casting weight, but it’s how the rod casts and fishes that so impresses me. See my review here.

You can buy this rod here in the UK.


Shimano Stradic 8’1’’ 10-35g

If you after a very fast, perhaps French-style lure fishing rod that comes in at a penny under the £100 mark then look no further. This all white colour Shimano Stradic 8’1’’ 10-35g rod is just fantastic, and it’s a complete steal at the price – see my review here.

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