Henry Gilbey

Lure rods - Tenryu


Tenryu rods via Ultimate Fishing in France, plus Tenryu rods from Japan. The first "proper" lure rod I owned was a Tenryu.


Tenryu Injection SP 73M 7'3'' 5-28g

Not cheap, but this is one serious lure rod, and I know plenty of bass anglers who have caught plenty of big shore bass on the Tenryu Injection SP 73M 7'3'' 5-28g - check here for example. 


Tenryu Red Dragon Express 9'8'' 20-60g

The first "proper" lure fishing rod I ever owned, and whilst I would now consider the Tenryu Red Dragon Express 9'8'' 20-60g too powerful for my everyday lure fishing, it's still a class bit of kit if you need to get the heavier lures out there.


Tenryu Super Mix 240 8' 10-60g

A seriously versatile lure fishing rod that I used for a decent length of time a few years ago. I can't help but think that these red Tenryu rods from France are too expensive for what they are these days, but this doesn't detract from how good they are. 


Tenryu Swat 9'7'' ML 8-35g

The first non-red/French designed Tenryu lure rod I have fished with, and if this outstanding Japanese Tenryu Swat 9'7'' ML 8-35g rod is anything to go by then I want to see more. Wow what a rod, and at 9’7’’ long it doesn’t feel an inch over 9’ long to fish with, and that in my book is just about ideal. See my review here.

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