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Lure rods - Various


Daiwa, MegaBass, Yamaga etc. - a bunch of lure fishing rods at all kinds of prices.


Maximus High Energy-Z 27M 9' 7-35g

A seriously “proper” £100 lure rod that is highly effective with all manner of lures in the 10-30g range especially, indeed I reckon this Maximus High Energy-Z 27M 9' 7-35g lure rod is easily good enough to grow with you as you expand out with your bass lure fishing. See my review here.

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Daiwa Morethan AGS 93ML 9'3'' 7-35g Demon Power Commander

The first of the Daiwa Japan Morethan range of rods that I have fished with, and as of 2015, Daiwa UK are listing three of the models in their catalogue. Some rod. Sure, it’s a little tippier than I might tend to go for with a lure rod around this length and casting weight, but take this Daiwa Morethan AGS 93ML 9'3'' 7-35g Demon Power Commander out fishing and it comes alive. It’s such an easy, effortless rod to cast and fish with, and whilst it’s not a cheap lure rod, I am convinced that this rod would work well for a lot of anglers. See my review here.


Daiwa Morethan Branzino 80ML 8' 8-35g (discontinued)

A seriously class lure rod at a pretty scary price, albeit it’s got one of the worst handles on a fishing rod that I have ever come across.


Daiwa Morethan Branzino 90MH 9' 10-40g (discontinued)

The longer and massively more powerful brother of the scarily-good 8’ version. The Daiwa (France) Morethan Branzino 90MH (9', 10-40g) is an out and out shore fishing rod that will do a huge amount for you when the going gets that big tougher. At a price of course, but then it is a Branzino. My blog post here says what I want to say about the rod. Awesome.


Dorset Fishing Rods DFR 9'6'' 6-28g

Effortless long range fishing with your hard lures. This gem is in my opinion working best when you are blasting and retrieving hard lures and weighted soft plastics up to 28g, and wow does it do it well. I have reservations about this Dorset Fishing Rods DFR 9'6'' 6-28g lure rod as a weedless/weightless soft plastics rod, but read my review here and see what I am on about.


Grauvell Teklon Concept Spin 802ML 8' 10-40g (discontinued)

A lot of rod for not that much money. A very fast action, but with plenty of life in the tip. The slightly longer 8’3’’ version (832M) is also a very good lure rod, but it has a more powerful tip that lends it better to out and out hard lure fishing.


MegaBass XOR Shadow XX SXX-85L 8'5'' 7-21g

I can’t say much more about this rod than what I wrote in a blog post here. If you don’t want to read it then to be brief, this is one awesome lure fishing rod that is just so easy to fish with.


MegaBass XOR Shadow XX SXX-90ML 9' 8-28g

This 9’ MegaBass XOR Shadow is rated 8-28g. If you are only happy with a very “French” style of lure rod then these Japanese rods are going to feel a bit alien, but somehow these rods creep up on you until it then seems strange fishing with something else. Just an awesome lure rod. So easy to fish with and I can’t find one style of lure fishing that it struggles with. The recovery on these good Japanese lure rods is quite something.


Nomura Isei Light Game 2.35m (7’8’’) 12-36g

A rather lovely little rod for wrasse fishing with soft plastics, this Nomura Isei Light Game 2.35m (7’8’’) 12-36g can be had for around £100. Aside from the handle which I don’t really like, it’s a good rod for bumping soft plastics along the bottom and wrenching dirty fighting wrasse out of their rocky lairs. Plenty of feel, plenty of guts, it’s plenty of rod for the money. And of course it has plenty more applications beyond wrasse fishing. See my review here.


Slash Lamya Thief LMT-862L 8’6’’ 4-28g

For around the £180 mark this Slash Lamya Thief LMT-862L (8’6’’ 4-28g) is one hell of a lure rod. Subtle, light, very sensitive. If around 4-24g is your thing when it comes to lure fishing then you seriously need to check this rod out. Just stunning. See my review here.


Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 95ML 9’5’’ 7-28g

One of those easy to fish with and easy to like Japanese lure fishing rods that happen to work perfectly for our bass fishing. OK, so this Yamaga Blanks Early Plus 95ML 9’5’’ 7-28g has got a handle which I don’t like very much, but that is no doubt a personal thing and it doesn’t detract from how much lure rod this is for the money. A class bit of kit. See my full review here.


Yamaga Blanks Ballistick Evo 94/16 9'4'' 5-28g

This thing is almost a joke how good it is - the Yamaga Blanks Ballistick Evo 94/16 lure rod is 9’4’’ long and rated to cast 5-28g, and in the hand it feels like one of those wands of a fishing rod that you dream about finding. Not remotely cheap or easy to get hold of, but this is one serious lure fishing rod.


Yamaga Blanks Early 88MLRF 8'8'' 7-28g

What’s not to like about this 8’8’’ 7-28g lure rod ? It’s so easy to fish with, it’s really light, very well built and it covers the kind of lure fishing that I am doing for bass these days. I actually preferred fishing with this Yamaga Early 88MLRF rod to a higher-end Yamaga Ballistick, but bear in mind this is purely my opinion and I know increasing numbers of lure anglers who are in love with their Ballisticks. If you’ve got close to £300 to spend on a lure fishing rod then you should check out this Yamaga Early. See my review of this rod here.

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