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Spinning reels - various (old page)


Non Daiwa and Shimano spinning reels.

MegaBass Gaus 30X Mag Sealed

Based upon what I assume is something like the Daiwa Certate, this rather stunning looking MegaBass Gaus 30X spinning reel feels awesome. It’s very light and incredibly smooth, and I am a complete sucker for this kind of handle. This 30X size is the same size as a Daiwa 3000 spinning reel, and to fish with I can’t fault this MegaBass version. Does not come with a spare spool.

MegaBass Idaten X 256

A very different feeling spinning reel to the MegaBass Luvito, in that this Idaten X 256 is a “tight” feeling reel if that makes sense. Buttery smooth. Everything feels like it has been engineered to seriously high tolerances. MegaBass make class gear, and this “little” spinning reel simply inspires huge confidence. If money were no object I could see myself acquiring a big collection of MegaBass reels !! Does not come with a spare spool.


MegaBass Luvito 256C

As far as I can work out this Japanese company only seems to be interested in making seriously good fishing tackle. I have not come across one single product from MegaBass that looks like it has not been thought through with the utmost care and attention. Everything just feels “right”. Does not come with a spare spool.

Penn Clash 3000

At around the £150 mark here in the UK, this amazing looking Penn Clash 3000 spinning reel reel sure looks and feels the part. Time will tell if this lightweight but very tough feeling Penn Clash 3000 will do the job, but initial impressions are that it’s a lot of reel for the money. I absolutely love that big, chunky handle, and there’s a real feeling of confidence when you turn it. Size wise, this Penn Clash 3000 is essentially the same size as a Shimano 4000 or Daiwa 3000 spinning reel. Check out my initial impressions blog post about it here, and an update on how the reel is doing here. Does not come with a spare spool. Full blog review here

You can find this reel here in the UK.

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