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Spinning reels - various


Non Daiwa and Shimano spinning reels.


Penn Slammer III 3500

A machine of a spinning reel, and for the price I am well on the way to thinking it’s an absolute bargain for what we are getting. Sure it’s not quite as smooth or light as an equivalent Daiwa or Shimano out of the box, but this Penn Slammer III 3500 is a workhorse that gives me so much confidence against the (saltwater) elements ruining it. initial thoughts here. Full review here.

You can buy this reel here in the UK.

Spinning reel of the year 2018.


Penn Clash 3000

At around the £150 mark here in the UK, this amazing looking Penn Clash 3000 spinning reel reel sure looks and feels the part. I absolutely love that big, chunky handle, and there’s a real feeling of confidence when you turn it. Size wise, this Penn Clash 3000 is essentially the same size as a Shimano 4000 or Daiwa 3000 spinning reel. Check out my initial impressions blog post about it here, and an update on how the reel is doing here. Does not come with a spare spool. Full blog review here.

You can find this reel here in the UK (Ebay link).


Van Staal VR50

I so badly wanted to completely fall in love with this waterproof, lightweight, and surprisingly smooth Van Staal VR50, but as per my blog post here I began to get a few issues with wind-knots when casting certain lures at full power. I was so loving this reel but I can’t be doing with a bit of fishing tackle that I can’t completely trust, so I sold it. Gutted.

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