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Surface lures - all brands


Some of the surface lures that I might take bass fishing.


Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire

Not cheap and not easy to get hold of, but some Spanish bass anglers urged me to give the Whiplash Factory Spittin’ Wire (95mm, 15.5g) a go - and I am rather glad I did. Long-casting, easy to work, and early impressions are that it’s a lethal surface lure. Lots of colours available here.

Some are available here in the UK.

Hard lure of the year 2018.


Xorus Patchinko II

This thing casts like a bullet and fishes like a dream. Bass love them!! You have to use this to see how far you can cast a lure, seriously, and this extra distance and ability to cast very accurately allows you to cover more ground. A very powerful wake/spitting action when you walk it, but I have found from time to time that a surface lure this heavy, bulky and noisy-landing can put the fish down.

You can find this lure here and here in the UK.


IMA Salt Skimmer

I do not know of another surface lure of this size or weight that casts like this thing. It is only 110mm long and weighs a mere 14g, but believe me it just flies on the right kind of rod. The Salt Skimmer is incredibly easy to walk back and forth across the surface, and I like the slim, subtle profile that lands nice and softly as well. One of my go-to surface lures now. Read a blog post about this lure here.

You can find UK stocks of these lures here and here.


Xorus Patchinko 125

Finally! The Xorus Patchinko 125 (125mm, 18g) sits right in the middle between two proven bass catchers and I have got some seriously high hopes for this new surface lure. It casts as well as I hoped it would but of course time will tell how the bass end up loving it. Plenty more thoughts on this lure here.

You can buy this lure here and here in the UK.


Daiwa Morethan Scouter 110F

There is a Daiwa Morethan Scouter 110F (silent) and a Daiwa Morethan Scouter 110F “Brass Knocker” which makes a really nice rattle when you work it, but for some reason this noisy one comes with freshwater trebles which I would advise you change for saltwater use. That aside, I am really starting to like this Daiwa surface lure. It’s a missile if you catch it right.

You can find this lure in the UK here.


Duel Silver Dog 90

A little stunner of a surface lure, this Duel Silver Dog 90 (90mm, 13g) casts great and when you walk it across the top it really does have the most stunning action. Sometimes when it’s that bit calmer I like to drop down to the smaller surface lures, and this Duel Silver Dog 90 is really worth carrying for those occasions. Great colours as always with Duel, and imagine if they made a Skimmer-size of this lure………..

You can find this lure in the UK here.


DUO Bay Ruf Manic

I really fancy these Bay Ruf Manic lures in calm, early morning conditions, and you can also walk them if you work them pretty quickly. I am also interested to see how they might do when you retrieve them dead, dead slow, for then they kinda V-wake/shimmer just under the surface.

You can find this lure in the UK here.


Zenith Z-Claw

The Zenith Z-Claw likes to be worked in a slow, lazy walk the dog style, and it creates the most stunning, subtle wake action across the surface. A French bass fanatic I know likes using the Z-Claw just as much in calm conditions as in slightly choppier seas.

You can find good UK stocks of these lures here and here.


IMA Little Stik

An IMA lure designed by the IMA USA lot that can’t help but remind me of the Xorus Patchinko, this IMA Little Stick (135mm, 25g) is a fairly substantial surface lure. I like how it works and it casts well, but not in the same league as the Patchinko, and I see no reason why it won’t work well for bass in heavier conditions especially. Keep an eye on the hooks as I think they might be freshwater trebles.

(R)D63973 - 01.jpg

IMA Popkey

If we take the Xorus Patchinko as being one of the ultimate long-casting hybrids out there, then this IMA Popkey is a slightly “subtler” version that does not land so heavily. It’s also really easy to work for long periods. A really versatile surface lure that does a whole lot more than you might think at first glance.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here and here.


IMA Pugachev’s Cobra

Strange name, but a killer little surface lure. The IMA Pugachev’s Cobra (90mm, 12g) is one of those walk the dog little surface lures that is so worth turning to in calmer, clearer conditions when you can be so subtle with it. Bass love it, the lure casts very well for its size, and I find myself carrying this lure more and more.

You can find UK stocks of this lure here and here.


Lucky Craft Gun Fish (various sizes)

A classic amongst bass freaks, I know some anglers who swear that this is the only surface lure you will ever need. Works really well when the conditions are that bit too choppy for the Lucky Craft Sammy. The Gun Fish creates a stunning wake/spitting action when you “walk” it.

You can buy this lure here in the UK.


Lucky Craft Sammy (various sizes)

An all time favourite for many bass anglers, perfect for calm conditions. Still the biggest lure caught bass I have ever seen came on one of these, over in Jersey some years ago now. They cast like bullets and create the most stunning, wake-like action when you “walk” them across the surface.

You can buy this lure here in the UK.


Tackle House Vulture 120

I want my surface lures to cast like arrows and cover me plenty of water if needs be, so I took a bit of a punt on this Tackle House Vulture 120 (120mm, 20g) because quite simply from the shape of it, it looked like it might do just that - which it does. Wow this thing flies, and although I have no idea if that “vane” thing on the belly does any good at all, this surface lure catches bass. I wanted a surface lure somewhere between the IMA Salt Skimmer and the big Xorus Patchinko, and this Vulture seems to be it.

You can find good UK stocks of this lure here and here.

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